Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Post Holiday Blues and Tiny To...er, Tim.....um

 I know I showed these guys in another pic...that was relaxed; obviously, something has alerted their half Marlon Brando and half Blue Oyster Cult w/attitude senses that something is rotten in Denmark.

Tommy? Tim? Shit, he used to have Triumphs, then got this. Last time I saw him he was building a '47 Chevy...or Ford. My short term memory isn't all that great. Would it be better if I didn't shoot if I wasn't sure?

edit: Short term memory. This is Tommy Schenk, whom I mentioned JUST DOWN THE PAGE a little. Now where's I put my keyboard...

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

PanGiant, Motley Shovel and Jack Black

 Panhead mountain man...with an awesome setup for the road.

I wonder if this guy ever became famous. Very clean shovel.

Try finding a sign like that now. If I'm not mistaken, the $2500 bike was a panhead. 
Hey, weren't you in King Kong?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Five Alive

 My Dad's Sunburst Orange SuperGlide.

 The merchants in the town of Landis all closed on Tuesday...this drove my dad apeshit. That's the explanation for the sign. Now check out that kick ass Invader.

 Dano, getting ready for a test ride and not looking too enthused.

Red and Gold Leaf....perfect.

Hope this isn't a repost...had computer issues.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Two Arnheads and a Cat Eye

Another pics of a solo seat swing arm Sporty. I wonder if this guy ever got a frame or hard tailed this bike. I'd like to see the result (an maybe I already have, somewhere).

Upon checking it out, THIS probably isn't the same bike. wonder if they're riding buddies or something..

And I like this one, too. Basic, no frills, probably stock Ironhead. I'd like to have the seat right about now..

I'm pretty sure this is the old man's Cateye dash, complete with pinstripes. I loved this bike, and I never was a big fan of wide bikes.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Couple for Turkey Day

 You know, I realize that Sportsters aren't supposed to be for trips, but that seat's too comfortable looking NOT to go somewhere.

With that headlight, the night rider sees all.

You know, just for perspective I looked up Dunlop Qualifier tires, because I think the one on this shovel is badass...and, WOW, they sure are some ugly bastards these days.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Happy Birthday , Dad

 Get your parts

Work on your shit

Go out and ride

I miss you, Dad.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Bike Rack Gang

 I found the fact that they were parking at the Library bike rack alarmingly funny. Craig on the left, dunno his name on the right. Craig's the first customer I met in the shop when I got back from the Army...he told me he had gotten out of the Army ten years prior and hadn't cut his hair since he got out. I thought that was pretty cool.
I realize I told this story already. I forget things.

 You know, my dad became tolerant of other bike brands after about 2005 I guess, so I'm surprised this pic is in there. There WAS a guy who worked on Triumphs named Tommy Shenck..he had a pretty cool "period chopper", but I don't think there are any pics of it, so you'll have to check out this other nice looking Triumph parked at the BIKE RACK instead.

He doesn't give a shit where the bike rack is. He wants his face back.

I guess you shouldn't lose touch with what the business is all about.. and the bike rack is across the street in this case, to keep it thematic.  The city provided trashcan would give you lock-jaw if you gave it the chance.

Sunday, October 31, 2010


AAAAGGHH! Jesus, what in the hell is that?! It's a chopper ghoul in a furniture store!!!!

Mo' Party Pics!

 Any time I've been to a party and a few people move off into the darkness alone, it's usually accompanied my a skunky smell, lots of laughter, and the munchies. Just sayin' is all.

 I think this is a pretty rare pic of someone who can actually pull off a trucker hat without looking like Abraham Lincoln's step great-great grandbaby...AND, don't think I've ever seen Dano drinking ANYthing besides a soft drink. He makes up for it in his 13 pack a day smoking habit!

I'll BET those are some Dad-Bilt chicken wings that Sherry and my mom are eating...
Tommy hasn't moved. You think he's alright?

Friday, October 29, 2010


 OK, who's had more at this point? Tommy Guye with some Wilkes County stump water and the old man with his fresh mountain spring water.

 I really don't know what the hell or who the hell this is. I recognize the duds, though.

I guess Tommy is hanging out with my dad, leaving poor Brenda sitting all alone...

 Whoop, there he goes, on the loose 

Mom, looking great as usual.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hollister Junior? HELL NO, it's L-Dissssss (dat's Landis, gangsta)

 "Bangin' at the library, books are late and I'm NOT takin' this hat off when I get inside". I wish these pics were clearer sometimes.

 Beryl kicking over the Righteous Ruler
with my dad (partially obscured) and three guys I don't know the names of.

 Aw, jeez...I suck at names. I have a feeling his shirt is pre-hipster irony. His facial hair is not.

I'm pretty sure this is my first motorcycle. My memory ain't so good, and I only rode it once...skateboarding was my life, and I pretty much sucked at it at the time. You pick.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Early Back Door Shenanigans

Hey, do you think Lucky Strike here is up to date on his HOG membership dues? The simplicity and utilitarian quality of this gennie shovel really makes me dig the dogshit out of it. I'll pass on the sweaty vest this time, though.

It's the fricken 80s, and the early days of Cyclone, as evident by the "rear entrance". He could give two shits about your opinion on high fiber and saturated fat - he's gonna drink some Miller and head to 3rd shift at the mill. OK, I didn't know that, but it sounds good. Probably '85.

Three on the....er, the back door.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cherokee bike,VL and getting shit done.

 Whatever happened to gold plating? Decked out Shovel at Cherokee.

VL? Egads, wonder where it is now?

Invaders, S&S two throat, drag bars, LaPera seats and highway pegs wont get that chain on there any quicker, Bucko.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Three for a Saturday morning

Why am I in here screwing with this computer?!

Nice clean Shov..I'm not good with the details, but is that a Sporty front drum, and did cone shovels ever come with a rear drum?

Big John wiped out on a curve on this shovel back around '93 or '94...

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

FX, El, XS and OK

Cool old dude
 That's Junior Cranfill, Dano and trucker hat man checking out Junior's Shortster. THAT'S why the two tall guys are looking down...
I LOVE this picture...it just looks badass, like OK Corral or something.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Seasons Change

Double fisting it! I'm thinking my Dad was bringing Jim Ward a beer at this Fall party...always the center of attention and always smiling, he was. Fucking BUSCH beer?!  C'mon! That other shit is probably Keystone, bottled beer in a can.

Would you have stopped in back in '85? Different times...I wonder how many mothers did a quick U turn when they saw shit like this next to the library.

 Hanging under the trees on the way to a rally

SLO and EZ..like a Sunday morn'