Sunday, September 26, 2010

Seasons Change

Double fisting it! I'm thinking my Dad was bringing Jim Ward a beer at this Fall party...always the center of attention and always smiling, he was. Fucking BUSCH beer?!  C'mon! That other shit is probably Keystone, bottled beer in a can.

Would you have stopped in back in '85? Different times...I wonder how many mothers did a quick U turn when they saw shit like this next to the library.

 Hanging under the trees on the way to a rally

SLO and a Sunday morn'

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dano Shovelhead Showbike

Sitting at the table eating, looking up parts behind the counter, or right here in the back working on a bike. after my dad called and woke him up..that's the places to find Dano in '86.

That finger puppet seems to come out quite a bit with him, eh? Cool pic, neat focal point, and a big FU from Dano. Is that a retro Pepsi can? Maybe it has "real sugar" in it to go with the "real tobacco" in the cigarettes and the "real silica gel" in the bead blaster. REALLY.

And there you have it...although some of the details of the assembly have been unaccounted for on this pretensions, no apologies..just a vision of what someone wanted, and nicely executed by the right guy.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Skate and reconstruct

What good would I be if I didn't embarrass myself? NONE, I, here I am, wearing my Vision Street Wear shoes, Suicidal Tenedencies shirt and JUST ABOUT to ollie my Bill Danforth. They all gave me crap about being a "skatepunk", but I gave 'em shit back..great bunch of people. OK, let's get back to bikes.

Can't tell for sure, but I think this is a shot of Tommy Guy (I'm pretty sure) at the Metrolina Fairground (I'm less sure, but it looks like it). If it is the fairground, it's got to be early morning. I just thought it was a cool pic. I have a feeling he's about to see a lot of parts, a few tattoos, a gaggle of wet titties that make their way OUTSIDE the wet shirts, probably a lot of beers, and hang out with some friends. What's not to love there?! Then again, it could be a drive in, a camping site, the Lexington Flea Market, or just some farmer's field, but I doubt it.

HEY! Isn't that Sherri and Tate? And there's Rocky's drag bike right there, too. Man, that thing was pretty crazy; I always figured that if you stuck a headlight and taillight on it, it would be a kickass ironhead to tool around on. I said "tool". I should have said that on the first pic.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I had to add this video for the post below...

Dano's beard back in the "color days"

Take one fresh about mostly brown bearded, young...shit! OK, just take Dano and watch his badfuckingass bike building skills. He knew a shitload back then; it's hard to imagine what's rolling around in there now...and JESUS, either I've forgotten his same jokes or he's got a NEW bunch of the same jokes, but he cracks me up every time I see him. it "Wild Eyed Southern Boys" or "Long Haired Country Boy"?

What a mean looking bastard this turned out to be...

And another rear view since I've posted this bike before. I'm getting a little better at not reposting...right? No? OK.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mann oh Mann, no time to post...

This clock hangs out in my parent's guest room..which is where we're visiting this weekend. I remember it from the shop (of course) and always thought it was so cheesy it was cool.

They also had one of these hanging on the landing of our stairs at home. 

Sunday, September 5, 2010

It's What's Up Front That Counts

I don't know if I ever meet this guy, but he just LOOKS happy to be pulling in, doesn't he? That's my dad's high dollar Chevy pickup and my Mom's custom van on the track side. No shit, the van was a real passion pit inside, with a bed, sink, shag know the Rockin'/Knockin' idea who owned the ubiquitous Granada, but I think there's about 50 various pictures of Granadas in the stack.

HEY LOOK, there's a Pacer!!

I hope this isn't a repost, but fuck it if it is; I like this pic (the new filing system is now in place...sort of). Another cool shot from the back door.

Definitely a study in postmodern hair sculpting, this is one you need to ponder. I think the middle guy looks famous, but I wouldn't know for what. Typical day out in front, just hanging around and BSing. I wondered why they didn't turn the shop into a bar at night..the place would have been loaded all the time. Notice the proximity to the library...which was sort of an on running joke. EDIT: OK, is the guy in the middle one of the brothers in the movie Hells Angels '69? No?? Nevermind..

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Few Randoms

One of the old man's? I think so...

Kind of a cool pic of the counter...

OK, your kickstand turns you into a top, you wreck your Ironhead and screw up your eye, so where's the first place you go? Shit, Cyclone....let's get my chop fixed!

I was gonna say it looked like my dad (with Ducati Derek) was doing his cheesy grin thing, but I think he's smiling. You know what I mean.