Saturday, May 8, 2010

Dano Bilt

THIS is Danny "Dano" Simmons, one of the sharpest Harley mechanics around...and he's always got a joke (I use that term loosely)to tell.
Dano bought and still owns Cyclone Cycle, in it's new location..and still has the Bounty Hunter (pictured) and every other bike he's ever owned. He's an awesome guy and would give the shirt off his back, although he'd kick my ass for saying that. He's able to maintain the hang out atmosphere of the shop, which is what makes it stools and cigarettes, and the occasional 'shine, omnipresent smell of gear oil and the sound of WRFX playing in the background..some things only change a little.


  1. Dano--you could make almost any part fit and fit right--you turned out some awesome show winning bikes--it was a learning experience working with you during those years--Mike

  2. Dano says same to you dad i had a great time working with you and miss you very much.

  3. does this sound familiar?--get your ass outta bed theres 5 guys waiting to pick up their bikes