Monday, November 7, 2011

Royal Flairs on YouTube

Couple of oldies but goldies from the hand of the Old Man (as well as the rest of the band, 

Yep, that's the old man playing the drums..I was raised on this and his stack of Chess, Sun, Roulette, and a million other 45s, as well as my Mom's Sam and Dave, Wilson Pickett, and other R&B stuff. Some great tunes for a little kid...JC, Chuck Berry, Joey Dee, Ray Charles, with HIS records sandwiched in there...I miss being that age of musical discovery. I've been chasing that monkey every since.

For more interesting history of the band, go HERE


  1. Just saw Bobby and his family the other night down here in Florida. He still sounds great.

    1. WOW, I'd love to meet him...those guys are almost like extended family for me, although I've never met any of them. Damned good bunch of musicians.