Friday, August 6, 2010

A Dad Story

My dad, me and the '69 Yenko Camaro, at Lions Dragstrip, California

I had asked my dad to hammer out some stuff from his life a while back; these get a little harder for me to read with time..

"This is going to sound fictional—but it is the truth to the best of my recollection.—Chicago area--Michael—you wre born in in 1967—my  kick ass little guy—I was at that time a manager of Jodis drive in (chicago) working 7am till 1 am –6 days a week and Tuesdays off except doing deliveries from 11-to 2.—I used to come home from work and wake you up just to talk shit—you enjoyed the time with dad—but it pissed off mom—I didnt give a shit—that was our time---
at that time I had a 63 vette which I bought for $1800.00—we drove it to Lincoln Illinois to see Abes birth place—(that was just an excuse to get on the road—I had a few days off)—Sue met up with a priest that she knew from the orphange---he was (to me ) a pedophile—but she would not talk about it,
I sold the vette for $2100.00 cause I wanted a bigger car that was faster and would accomodate my family.—now I am a responsible family guy.
I bought a Buick 1968-GS 350—red with white interior.---within 3 months I traded it in on a 1968 –Z-28.
It was fast—but not exactly what I wanted—thought it was fast till I raced a 67 Z with a 4:88 gear—he left me.—times were changing civil unrest—MLK killing—time to get out of “dodge”--
sold the Z to a co-worker and bought a 69 Yenko.—your mom hated me now and what I was doing.
Told your mom we are moving to California—october 15* I packed everything we had (not much)—strapped some shit on the top of the Yenko –made a small space for you to sleep in the back and  left—about 6 am which pissed off your mom –but not me and you
we had fun on the road --had to stop in Iowa—(dana rear end burned up-they replaced it with the correct 4:10 gear over nite—love those Iowa boys—they get shit done)—
Raaced a dodge charger thru denver and beat his ass even with all the shit strapped on the top of the yenko-----he finally gave us a thumbs up and turned of the interstate—your mom was pissed with me as usual—but you were happy as shit just to be hanging out with me cause we hadnt had much time together—now you were becoming a free spirit.-I decided you were going to be with me spirtually for life—
Next is California---"

*Which, coincidentally, was my brother's birthday 12 years later.

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