Saturday, August 28, 2010

Track Side Pics

Thanks to the guys at the kick ass ZZ Chop blog for linking to us.

Stretch, parked across the street. I remember he owned a Sportster before this, and had broken the holy rule; he tried to Wide Glide an Ironhead...fatbob tanks, WG forks, bags, etc. He was eventually exonerated.

Dunno this guy, but how much you wanna bet that Invader has cracks at every weld, if it hasn't collapsed yet.
Sporty..can't remember his name. He was a quiet one.
Probably a repost, but this was Jim Ward, a Navy recruiter. Always called me "the Nose" and would try to bite mine off. Think of Jack Nicholson in "The Last Detail", and you got Jim Ward.
Big Jim Martin (again), probably supposed to be at home with his wife, Jean, but at the shop instead. He was a trucker, and would stop FIRST at the shop when he came in from a run. For some reason, this pic reminds me of the old "Wild Angels"  movies

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