Thursday, September 16, 2010

Skate and reconstruct

What good would I be if I didn't embarrass myself? NONE, I, here I am, wearing my Vision Street Wear shoes, Suicidal Tenedencies shirt and JUST ABOUT to ollie my Bill Danforth. They all gave me crap about being a "skatepunk", but I gave 'em shit back..great bunch of people. OK, let's get back to bikes.

Can't tell for sure, but I think this is a shot of Tommy Guy (I'm pretty sure) at the Metrolina Fairground (I'm less sure, but it looks like it). If it is the fairground, it's got to be early morning. I just thought it was a cool pic. I have a feeling he's about to see a lot of parts, a few tattoos, a gaggle of wet titties that make their way OUTSIDE the wet shirts, probably a lot of beers, and hang out with some friends. What's not to love there?! Then again, it could be a drive in, a camping site, the Lexington Flea Market, or just some farmer's field, but I doubt it.

HEY! Isn't that Sherri and Tate? And there's Rocky's drag bike right there, too. Man, that thing was pretty crazy; I always figured that if you stuck a headlight and taillight on it, it would be a kickass ironhead to tool around on. I said "tool". I should have said that on the first pic.

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