Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dano Shovelhead Showbike

Sitting at the table eating, looking up parts behind the counter, or right here in the back working on a bike. after my dad called and woke him up..that's the places to find Dano in '86.

That finger puppet seems to come out quite a bit with him, eh? Cool pic, neat focal point, and a big FU from Dano. Is that a retro Pepsi can? Maybe it has "real sugar" in it to go with the "real tobacco" in the cigarettes and the "real silica gel" in the bead blaster. REALLY.

And there you have it...although some of the details of the assembly have been unaccounted for on this pretensions, no apologies..just a vision of what someone wanted, and nicely executed by the right guy.

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